We have a stringent selection process that has to check a list of criteria including, aesthetics, functionality, cruelty free, good for the environment and wildlife, fairly traded and social benefits.

Our Italian and Japanese Vegan Leather is made from the Highest Quality Eco-friendly animal-free recycled polyurethane.

All of our manufacturers are either 14001 certified or compliant with local pollution protection laws, and the pigments and chemicals used in their facilities are manufactured with low impact dies.

  • 100% water base;
  • No use of DMF;
  • Reduced emission of hazardous substances (voc volatile substances);
  • 100% polyester recycled with certified traceability;
  • Water-based pigments with low VOC;
  • Low environmental impact reticules with reduced VOC;

The eco conscious fabric is a versatile material which satisfies the following criteria’s: lightness, breathability, waterproof and durable. It is additionally lined with 100% anti bacteria with silver ions.

Its fibrous structure, look and touch are very close to real leather although the performing features of a microfiber are higher than the natural product’s.

It has a higher tearing, abrasion and flexing resistance and a high dimensional stability and air permeability.

Our Webbing is created from a blend of Organic Cotton & Recycled Nylon.