Made with Love and Respect for Life on Earth

Our products are produced with respect for the earth and humankind. Our company closely examines the supply chain at each step of production. We look for elegant alternative materials that exhibit the similar desirable qualities that leather offers but the difference is our materials are always cruelty free – no animals suffered to make our bags.

We have a stringent selection process that has to check a list of criteria including; aesthetics, functionality, cruelty free, good for the environment and wildlife, fairly traded and social benefits.

We define luxury through a new expression of imaginative design that is elegant and at the same time distinctive and functional. Our fashion statement is: “Awe-inspiring works of art.”  Our bags are handcrafted by skilled tailors who are proudly devoted to producing exceptional quality bags.

Our flagship factory is based in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of Kibera. This MOT-built facility sponsors skilled tailors who are recruited from within Kibera to make designer bags, creating sustainable livelihoods for our employees.

Our tailors are able to work in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment. We pay 3 times the Nairobi minimum wage as well as allows our employees to earn a bonus on excellent bag work in addition to participating in profit sharing from bags sold.

The purchase of MOT products enables sustainable development by providing income generating opportunities for people in marginalized places of the world.