Our flagship factory is based in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums. This MOT-built facility sponsors skilled tailors who are recruited from within Kibera to make designer bags, creating sustainable livelihoods for its employees. The employees at the bag factory are able to work in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment. MOT pays 3 times the Nairobi minimum wage as well as allows it's employees to earn a bonus on excellent bag work in addition to participating in profit sharing from bags sold.

Our company recruited highly skilled tailors who reside in Kibera and offer them fare wage jobs to work with high-quality sustainable materials including; Italian and Japanese animal-free leather, 100% certified organic and fair trade cotton from India and low impact dyes accepted for use with organic textiles.

After several years of perfecting design, production and eco-material sourcing, our Nairobi factory produces luxury bags that are on par with Milan’s notables but with a new twist.

Woman’s empowerment is another of our core initiative, exemplified by Gertrude "Michelle" Aricha, who has been sponsored by MOT to fully own and operate the factory that produces the company’s bags. Michelle in turn employs tailors from Kibera to produce the luxury bags for MOT.